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Top 10 things dogs are thinking

Here, at Dogs of Fun, we wonder and love all things dog. And, as such, I want to know what my pups think, feel and dream. After some research (and intense speculation) I think it is safe to say these are the 10 things pups think about most often:

1. Did they forget to feed me? It’s been over 5 minutes since my last meal.

2. Look, an empty spot on the couch. Must keep the human warm.

3. I miss my humans. They have been out for over 10 minutes (or 3 days, I can’t really tell time).

4. Why are you friends with the mailman?

5. Park, did someone say park? I heard par… oh look a squirrel! 

6. I dreamt of unlimited kibbles, let’s work on that.

7. You know the ball is not going to throw itself, right?

8. It’s 6AM, that’s enough sleeping in.

9. Belly rubs!!!

10. This human is the love of my life.

What is dog thinking about today?


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