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Authentic Dog Photography. Dogs of Fun is a South Florida dog and pet portrait photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and taking awesome pet portraits worldwide.

How to choose a location for your dog's photo session

I get this question asked often. How do I choose the best location for my dog's photo session? As a professional dog and pet photographer, I am more than excited to help you select the best setting for creating magical images of your dogs. And yes, I am full of ideas! However, I want the final location or locations (let's make a day out of our session) to truly showcase your dog's personality and be a place where they feel free and comfortable.

I like to ask my clients a variety of questions to get to know their dogs better. Including what are places they frequent with their dogs, do they like the beach, parks... you know the drill. However, as pet parents, we tend to be overly close with our furry children. Yes, we are! And you know you have given your dog an origin story, a personality with its own voice, and at least 6 nicknames - 4 of which are in no way related to their name. And don't pretend you don't have 2-sided conversations with your dog in which they answer with the voice you already gave them. You don't have to admit it right now *wink, wink*. 

My point is, think about all these daily interactions. This is what makes your dog's personality. And, as such, you know there are places they would prefer and you feel would make more sense when reflecting on their pet story and personality traits. For example, my dog Harley was rescued at 5 years old. One of the many stories I gave her is that now that she is in a good home, she wants to live the party and fashionable life. She enjoys strolling through the city and being a socialite. And as such, I did her session at the artistic FAT Village district in Fort Lauderdale. Here I felt the art and background murals complement her fashionable attitude.

What is your dog's story? Don't be shy. I want to hear all about it.  Email me at or follow @dogsoffun on Instagram or Facebook.

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