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Authentic Dog Photography. Dogs of Fun is a South Florida dog and pet portrait photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and taking awesome pet portraits worldwide.

Top 10 things dogs are thinking

Here, at Dogs of Fun, we wonder and love all things dog. And, as such, I want to know what my pups think, feel and dream. After some research (and intense speculation) I think it is safe to say these are the 10 things pups think about most often:

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Looking for a forever home

Dogs of Fun recently did a photo shoot for Cavalier Rescue of Florida and met two of the sweetest pups ever: Clancy and Abby. These two best friends are seniors looking for a forever home together. The goal for this shoot was to show how active, playful, and happy they are and transmit their energetic and playful personalities. 

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Having fun during the South Florida rainy season

Like my own pups, many dogs are not a fan of the rainy season here in South Florida. Yet, they crave play time, action and exercise - specially Yankee, my very own hyper Boston Terrier. Thankfully, there are ways to get around that so I can have a tired dog. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.

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A pup’s existential question: how can I rock my shoot?

The first thing to do the day of the shoot is relax. The photo process is a simple and a fun one for both the pup and pet parent. You get to play, run, and be a carefree dog. I’ll take care of working around you and capturing your personality doing your favorite activities

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