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Authentic Dog Photography. Dogs of Fun is a South Florida dog and pet portrait photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and taking awesome pet portraits worldwide.

Happy Holidays! The inside scoop on how Dogs of Fun enjoys the holidays

At Dogs of Fun we love the holiday season (well, many of us do)! But what I love the most is downtime, and a day (or five) of lazy couch living - cozying it up with my pups. Ahhh, on Christmas day everything is closed so there are no obligations and nowhere to be. This is the perfect season when I snuggle with a blanket and my pups, and spend the day in PJs on the couch playing video games and staring at how cute my dogs are. It is in fact the most doggiefull time of the year where I have an unlimited amount on doggie licks and cuddle time.

Have a very happy holiday season and enjoy this time with your dogs.

What are your dogs’ New Year’s resolution? Mine have expressed interest in assisting to more dog photography sessions in hopes of increasing their treat allowance.