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Authentic Dog Photography. Dogs of Fun is a South Florida dog and pet portrait photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and taking awesome pet portraits worldwide.

A pup’s existential question: how can I rock my shoot?

When listening carefully to the dogs I photograph they usually have the same question: How can I look my best the day of the shoot? Well, not to worry Pup! in my experience dogs are the best models and have a natural born talent. 

The first thing to do the day of the shoot is relax. The photo process is a simple and fun one for both the pup and pet parent. You get to play, run, and be a carefree dog. I’ll take care of working around you and capturing your personality doing your favorite activities. Sure, we might have some times when I will make sit and lay down requests but, hey, as a rock star model you will be rewarded. 

This brings me to my second point, we will ask your parents to bring your favorite treats. We will use those to take advantage of your instinctual attitude of “will work for food” (wouldn’t we all?). It is always a good idea to bring your favorite collar and a long leash; we will have plenty of room while staying safe. We can have tons of fun while wearing a leash.

And sure, I would recommend a good night’s sleep. All super models swear by it, so it can’t hurt! See? It is that easy, so for your next shoot you don’t have to be nervous. Just make sure your family brings you some good and rewarding snacks and I will take care of the rest.

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