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Authentic Dog Photography. Dogs of Fun is a South Florida dog and pet portrait photography studio in Fort Lauderdale, serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach and taking awesome pet portraits worldwide.

A few of my favorite things

Photography work is done mostly off camera. About 25% of the work is actually photographing puppies and their humans. The other 75% of the work is done outside of the camera, using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. With every photoshoot comes the post-production work, editing and creating magic. The best part of this aspect is that it gives me time to catch up on my podcasts, listen to new music and find things that keep my creative juices flowing. 

Today I want to share my favorite things to do while editing and processing dog photography.

As a dog lover (subtle term so I don’t have to call myself crazy dog lady) and a podcast lover my first go to is Can I Pet Your Dog? podcast. This podcast is filled with dog nuggets, news, dog victories and dogsasters and other dog related things that are going on. These ladies are the funniest and sweetest hosts you will ever find. It is very heartwarming, super funny and before you know it the 30 minutes are gone. If you are dog obsessed (like me) you will love this. They also bring celebrity guest (yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of them) to talk about their dogs. Is basically a dog open forum, gotta love it!

When I am not in the mood for podcasts, I go to music. From rock stations on Pandora to European modern metal bands and anything in between. However, as a Broadway junkie my Amazon Prime subscription has come in super handy. They have pretty much any Broadway soundtrack. You can keep listening to your favorite plays for hours, just you wait.

No matter what I am listening to, I need to have my coffee next to me. With hours of editing, sometimes it takes longer to drink my coffee. But I like my coffee HOT! That’s why my Yeti rambler is a photo editing essential. I highly recommend it.

Last, but definitely not least, my dogs! They have an extra set of dog beds in my office. They stay in there with me and chill while I work. My absolute most completely favorite thing is hearing them snore while I work and looking at them sleep thoroughout the day. From time to time my Boston Terrier will wake up and ask for a fetch session, and then she goes back to sleep. How did I get so lucky?

What are your go to’s for making the most out of your working experience?