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Having fun during the South Florida rainy season

Like my own pups, many dogs are not a fan of the rainy season here in South Florida. Yet, they crave play time, action and exercise - specially Yankee, my very own hyper Boston Terrier. Thankfully, there are ways to get around that so I can have a tired dog. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog. 

Firstly, in the mornings when it hasn’t started raining, I take advantage by taking the pups on a run or long walk. That is usually a great start. After that, I have a variety of toys that I circle through during a play session, this ensures my pups are always excited about their toys.

Another alternative is rain gear! They look absolutely adorable in their rain coat and the occasional booties. Plus, so far we haven’t figured out how to have an indoor puppy bathroom; so we embrace the rain, enjoy it and have fun.

Lastly, these rainy days are a great time to teach the pups new tricks and practice obedience training. They always enjoy any activity that is treat motivated.

What are your Florida rain hacks?


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